16 Jan

Thinking of Richard Misrach’s new digital “negative” photographs at Pace (which differ from the serine but critical view of Americana) , what criteria do we apply when an artist comes up with a new body of work that is vastly different for what they’re known for–my temptation is be critical but should we just judge

07 Jan
Listings for Independent Photo Books

Interesting new take on book distribution: a blog to aid the distribution of dyi books & zines. Jorg states it like this: The idea behind The Independent Photo Book is simple: You email us the information about your independent photo book or zine – following the guide lines outlined on the blog – and we’ll create a

06 Jan
Emerging Photography?

Someone recently complained about the term “emerging photographers,” and questioned the word, “emerging” as well as  “photographer.” A photographer captures still images and presents those as prints or more recently digitally. I’m not sure how the photographer’s role has–or will–change. Actually, I think “emerging” is the term more likely to fall by the wayside as