Recent Landscape Photographs

28 Sep
Thom Roma: Book Signing and Exhibition

Thom Roma Book Signing and Exhibition, “Dear Knights and Dark Horses” Wednesday, September 29, 6-8pm TABLA RASA Gallery 244 48th street Brooklyn (two blocks from the R) Thom Roma’s recent book, “Dear Knights and Dark Horses”, pairs a seemingly odd combination: Iraq war veterans with worn horse rides. His show is also oddly paired with

24 Sep
Greg Crewdson at Gagosian

Greg Crewdson’s departure from the elaborately staged work to empty landscapes of the decaying Cinecitta studios may seem like a change, but I see it as a continuation: both are of moments conveying emptiness. Most of the images follow a classically “straight” approach, which is refreshing; all are printed with precision, clarity and a subtle

23 Sep
Photographers I Like: Justin Kimball

Justin Kimball WHERE WE FIND OURSELVES Justin Kimball, a friend from graduate school at Yale University, photographs poignant moments taken from daily life, and with this series, WHERE WE FIND OURSELVES, in outdoor places of leisure. They are visceral yet gentle, populated with people seemingly in doubt. Be sure to check out his new book

22 Sep
Photo Auctions: Sotheby’s

Some of the upcoming photography highlights for me at Sotheby’s September 25–a rare Saturday–and September 27 include: Mitch Epstein Nikki S. Lee Sotheby’s September 25 Selected Works from the Neuberger Berman and Lehman Brothers Corporate Art Collections Contemporary Art September 27