Fine Art Photography: Australian Centre for Photography, 100 Portraits/100 Photographers by Larissa Leclair and Andy Adams

Back in November 2010, Andy Adams worked with curator Larissa Leclair to create a  projection of photographs for the FotoWeek DC Festival of Photography.  This screened at a few non-traditional exhibition venues: on the exterior of the Corcoran Gallery of Art, in the Satellite Central projection theater, and on screens fixed to trucks traveling throughout the city.

Other screenings included the Head On Photography Festival in Sydney, Snap! Celebrate the Photograph in Orlando, and the New York Photo Festival in Brooklyn.

Now the show has its first physical exhibition in the summer of 2011 at the Australian Centre for Photography ( in Sydney, Australia.  This video details the installation of the exhibition.

Below is the complete list of artists included:


Photography Lessons NYC, Photoshop Lessons NYC

Photography Lessons NYC, Photoshop Lessons NYC

For those with an interest, I’ve updated the website that focuses on photography, Photoshop, and portfolio reviews.

I offer customized Photoshop and photography lessons and individual tutorials to beginner photographers and advanced professionals. I make house calls—but prefer to meet at my East Village (doorman) location; times are flexible.

I can help if you if you are just getting started, have specific questions, or would like to set up weekly sessions.  Need to know your camera?  Want to understand take artful pictures?  Need to know color correction in Photoshop? I’d love to help.

We’d sit one-on-one to discuss your goals, review your images, discuss your interests, and suggest next steps.  We could work for one session or several, covering a range of topics—I’m flexible.  A few possible approaches are:

General Class

Session One:             Discussion of your goals and where you are now.

Session Two:             Basic camera usage and general technical concepts.

Session Three:          Review of your images and what you like to photograph.

Session Four:            More in-depth technical review, including depth of field, ISO, F-Stop, etc.

Session Five:            Processing images, Photoshop (including Bridge, Adobe Camera RAW).


Vision Class

Session One:             Discussion of your goals and where you are now; briefly review your work.

Session Two:             In-depth review of your images and what you like to photograph; photograph together outside; craft your vision.

Session Three:          Review images and offer additional critique on composition with a focus on meaning; photograph together; review additional photographers.

Session Four:            Brief technical review, and processing images, Photoshop (including Bridge, Adobe Camera RAW); Review images.

Session Five:            Final review of images; suggest ways to continue to follow your vision.


Advanced Technical Class

Session One:             Discussion of your goals and where you are now; briefly review your work and technical foundations.

Session Two:             In-depth technical review of your camera or how to get the most out of it; in-depth F-stop, depth of field, ISO; assignment to take images.

Session Three:          Review how to process images using Photoshop (including Bridge, Adobe Camera RAW); some color correction; review images; assignment.

Session Four:            Additional in-depth technical review; review images.

Session Five:            Final technical review as applied to your images.


Photoshop Class

Session One:             Discussion of your goals and where you are now; briefly review your work and technical issues.

Session Two:             Discussion of Bridge and organizing images; review processing images in Adobe Camera RAW and sliders.

Session Three:          Basic Photoshop techniques such as sharpening, curves, contrast, etc.

Session Four:            Advanced sharpening and color correction.

Session Five:            Masks; retouching; automated actions; Bridge.


Portfolio Review
After reviewing your portfolio, and discussing your goals, I will give honest criticism of your photographs, and suggest how to improve your art.  We would concentrate on what is IN the picture–what we see–as well as discuss esthetics, composition, and color (or black and white).  Technical issues such as good exposure, Photoshop and printing will also be reviewed.  We could meet once or create a customized curriculum that lasts for several months.

My approach is to work together in a patient, engaging way, to show you how to take wonderful photographs, know your camera more, or just get out of a creative rut.  We will work together to craft a path good for you and you will learn by doing.

About Me
I have over twenty years photographic experience, and have exhibited my work in museums and galleries in New York, London, Italy, and Canada. I have an MFA from Yale University and have been working with a range of clients

Most importantly, I love teaching photography, and consider it my passion.