15 Oct
Fine Art Photography: Paola Ferrario, Photography Book, “19 Pictures 22 Recipes”

Earlier, I had a nice chat and tea with the Italian photographer, Paola Ferrario, a classmate from Yale University.  She shows at Sue Scott Gallery (around the corner from the New Museum): see the image above.  She also has a great jewel of a book, “19 Pictures 22 Recipes”, a poetic rumination on food and photography,

06 Oct
Fine Art Photography: Exhibition in Atlanta: Atlanta Celebrates Photography, Mary Stanley Studio Project

I’ve never been to these month-long photo festivals that take over a city (they have them in Montreal, Washington, Toronto, and other places), but have always been curious about how they integrate photography into the storefronts and other less-likely gallery spaces. Atlanta has one: Atlanta Celebrates Photography, and I’ll be a part of Mary Stanley Studio Project, “Ones

04 Oct
Job Offers: Photoshop Designer for Google; Assistant/Associate Photo Editor at Men’s Health

LinkedIn is a great source, if you dont already know, to track jobs (by the way, for arts-related jobs, NYFA is an excellent resource).  I just thought I’d pass on a few that I just saw today–check them out. For Photoshop experts, this sounds ideal: working for Google. http://www.linkedin.com/jobs?viewJob=&jobId=1912593&srchIndex=14&trk=njsrch_hits&goback=%2Efjs_photography_*1_*1_I_us_10003_50_1_R_true_*1_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2 Photoshop Designer, Commerce – New York

03 Oct
Fine Art Photography: Ruben Natal-San Miguel, Business of Fine Art Photography for Emerging Photographers

The Talk at SVA by Ruben Natal-San Miguel on the business of fine art photography (and organized by the SVA Digital Photography program, Katrina Keismann) began with Ruben’s own art work–photographs he has taken over the years and recently of colorful barrios, street scenes, and the like–which seemed like a great way to start off.  Afterall,