Installation Artist Charles Mary Kubricht

Recently, I cought up with the installation artist Charles Mary Kubricht, who splits her time in New York and Marfa, Texas.  I met Charles Mary through other friends that overlaped with her at during a Yaddo artist residency.

Her most recent project is at the Chealsa High Line, and explores the intersection of camouflage and art, revealing the psychology and engineering behind the concealment of what is otherwise visible.  Although seemingly digitally rendered, all her work is painstakingly painted by hand.

Charles Mary also showed me some recent photographs focused on Mount Livermore, a landmark for drug traffickers and undocumented workers backpacking in West Texas, where she adopted the mountain as the focus of her artwork


Contemporary Fine Art Photography: How to Contact Galleries

If you are a contemporary fine art photographer and are wondering how to contact galleries to show your work, here are a 6 tips:

  1. Know who you are contacting.  Research the galleries and make sure they could be a good fit.
  2. Be prepared.  Have all your material ready–contacting them and saying you need time to create a new prints its not a good first impression.
  3. Be Professional.  Beyond the obvious of not having any misspellings, make sure your emails and other materials are clear and professional.  Dont sound like you are wining or demanding anything.
  4. Build Relationships.  Attend openings and talk to the owner a few times.  Networking is important in any business.
  5. Ask for What You Want.  You can ask to have a studio visit or meet with a gallery owner but know what is appropriate.  For example, dont ask a gallery you dont know to represent you or sell your work right away.  But you can ask, if you know them a bit, to look at your work.
  6. Be Patient but Persistent.  Continually contact the gallery and update them with new work or shows a few times a year.

Pulse Art Fair 2012 Contemporary Fine Art Photography Highlights

PULSE Art Fair 2012, running from May 3-6, 2012, at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York (125 West 18th Street, Chelsea) hosts sixty national and international galleries.  My focus is mostly on contemporary fine art photography, and saw I wide range of work, and some surprises.  I like that here, at some of the smaller fairs such as Pulse and NADA (New Dealers Association), there are other artists besides the “usual suspects”.

Some highlights and notable mentions are:










Gonzalo Puch at Julie Saul Gallery







Some William Eggelston’s at David Lusk Gallery of Memphis.






Marvin Shaouni at curiously named The Butcher’s Daughter of Ferndale, MI






Thomas Wrede at Wagner-Partner gallery, priced at $9650.










Chan Hyo Bae at Purdy Hicks Gallery, London.






Philipp Lachenmann from Galerie Andreas Binder










Isaac Layman at the West Coast (Seattle) Lawrimore Project






Joni Sternback unique tintype, at Rick Wester Fine Art






Alice Miceli at Meulesteen