Photojournalist, Unique Wedding Photography, Steve Giovinco

24 Nov
Photojournalist, Unique Wedding Photography, Steve Giovinco

Photojournalist, Unique Wedding Photography My approach for wedding, engagements, and special events is as a fine art photographer, with a creative, candid, fine art and documentary way.  The goal is to capture real moments and genuine emotion spontaneously, in an artful, beautiful way. You Are Unique, Why Shouldn’t Your Wedding Photos Be? The results are unusually beautiful,

24 Nov
Contemporary Photography Museum Exhibition with Catherine Opie, Steve Giovinco, Andrea Modica, Ryan McGinley

Catherine Opie, Steve Giovinco, Ryan McGinley, Others in Fine Art Museum Photography and Video Show Contemporary family life and couples are the subject of a photography exhibition, “The Kids Are Alright,” and include Steve Giovinco’s fine art photographs. The show runs through January 20, 2013 at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. The exhibition

18 Nov
Holy Motors: Film and Contemporary Fine Art Photography Merge

Holy Motors: Is this a mash up of Cindy Sherman’s Photographs, Antonioni’s Blow Up, and Wim Wender’s Wings of Desire? This is an incredible film that defies explanation. By French director Leos Carax, Holy Motors is a film that references other genres, which it is modeled from, but is completely fresh and defiantly odd, full of compelling energy

17 Nov
Fine Art Photography in Chelsea: Karin Apollonia Müller at Julie Saul Gallery; Jitka Hanzlová at Yancey Richardson Gallery; Luc Sante at SVA

Contemporary Fine Art Photography Continues After Hurricane Sandy Three weeks after Hurricane Sandy, contemporary art galleries in Chelsea, New York, still are in the rebuilding stage but this Thursday, art openings went on in a slightly more vibrant way (as opposed to two weeks after the storm where contemporary art galleries were decimated by Sandy).

15 Nov
Guggenheim Fellowship Application For Contemporary Photography: Done, Steve Giovinco

With five hours to spare, I dropped off my photographic prints at the Guggenheim Foundation award.  This is one of the hardest applications to complete since it requires four recommendations, a project plan plus other documentation, as well as ACTUAL photo prints.  Yes, not just JPGs (although those are required as well).

10 Nov
Recent Fine Art Photography Finds at MoMA: Eliot Porter

Fine Art Photography at MoMA, Including Eliot Porter While strolling through MoMA briefly (which I like to do if I’m in midtown and have a half an hour for a break), taking advantage of my artist pass, I came across a rehanging by an artist.  One room was dedicated to the nature photographer and color precisionist Eliot

10 Nov
Contemporary Art Galleries Decimated by Hurricane Sandy

A stroll through Chelsea any Thursday night should be abuzz with contemporary art openings, but in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the mood was dour. The unmistakable hum of generators filled the empty streets, and ConEd crews continued to restore power two weeks after the storm to the one of most impacted areas of the City.