Art Photo Index Launches Fine Art Photographers Collection

Photo Eye Gallery Invites Contemporary Fine Art Photographers Steve Giovinco, Martin Parr, Brian Ulrich Others

Its great to have my fine art photographs included in the Art Photo Index, an index of important art and documentary photographers.  Art Photo Index (API) is a collection of vetted art and documentary photographers and their work and is a great resource for curators, gallery directors, publishers, editors, picture researchers, and collectors. It is organized by photo-eye, the established Santa Fe publisher and photography gallery.

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Other photographers include Elinor Carucci, Kelli Connell, Doug DuBois, Nic Nicolsia, Bill Owens, Martin Parr, Joyce Tenneson, Brian Ulrich.

Steve Giovinco, included in Art Photo Index

Photographers included in Art Photo Index are selected as a result of their accomplishments as fine art photographers. Many of the photographers included have been published by major photobook publishers or featured in art photography magazines. Some have received awards given by various organizations and many are represented by major photography galleries. These include Aperture, Blind Spot, European Photography, Guggenheim Fellowships, Santa Fe Prize and many more.

Paola Ferrario Contemporary Fine Art Photographs at Rick Wester Fine Art

Paola Ferrario Contemporary Fine Art Photographs at Rick Wester

Paola Ferrario’s photographs at Rick Wester Fine Art might be disguised as snapshots documenting the undramatic.

Paola Ferrario at Rick Wester Fine Art

They are composed of views that we wouldn’t normally “see” while passing by–detritus tossed aside; trees morphing through fences; wood and tile floors; objects, signs, things.

Paola Ferrario at Rick Wester Fine Art

All are carefully observed but not surgically distilled into a neat, clear conclusion, and that’s what makes them intriguing.  There is a point where some of the images, however, morph from a thing into an abstraction, and both exist simultaneously, and these are the most interesting for me.   All the photographs are part of  series of two to many (dozens?) grouped together.  Likable too are the lack of frames around the work allowing the photographs to became much more accessible pinned to the wall.

Full disclosure: I attended Yale University’s MFA Photography program with Paola.