Flip Through The Pages of Summer: Summertime, Fine Art Photography Book [Slideshow]

29 Jul
What does a skeleton in a suit look like? Contemporary fine art photography in Sicily, photos by Steve Giovinco

  One of the strangest and most oddly compelling place I visited was the Sicilian catacombs of Palermo, where mummified ninteenth century skeletons are dressed. They wore suits–deteriorated–and were carefully organized by business or industry, ]including nicely attired bankers to farmers, and even a few children, which were heart-breaking. If you ever are in Palermo, visit

22 Jul
Summertime Book: Memories of Summer, Photos by Martin Parr, Joel Meyerowitz, Steve Giovinco, 43 Others

Summertime Book Fine art photography book with photos by Martin Parr, Joel Meyerowitz, Steve Giovinco and 43 others, edited by Joanne Dugan with quotes by writers, with a focus on water Coming over the ridge, excited, through the soft grass barefoot, rising, seeing the the expanse of the sea finally, then running to tip a toe