11 Tips on How to Apply for an Artist Residency for Photographers, Artists [Presentation]

Here Are 11 Tips to Use When Applying for an Artist Residency

For Fine Art Photographers, Artists, Writers, Filmmakers

Looking Out to Mexico at Night on the Border: Big Bend National Park

What the Mexican Border Looks Like at Night

While at Big Bend National Park in West Texas, I headed up the hill at night, hearing rustling javelinas (mountain lion?), and saw a few lights in the distance.

This was Mexico a few miles away.

Nearby, which you can’t see, is the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo, which I expected to be grand, but in fact was nearly a stream and was about three feet deep.

(From the series, “Eclipse.”)

While Walking in Igaliku, Greenland at Night, This is What I Saw [Photo]

Mysterious Green Night in Igaliku, Greenland, Fine Art Photo

While walking at night in early September, the snow capped mountain across the fjord during the green-tinted Northern Lights was eerie, entrancing.