Mysterious trees at night, glowing night landscape [Photograph] @SteveGiovinco

07 Oct
Mysterious trees at night, glowing night landscape [Photograph] @SteveGiovinco

Fine art photograph of mysterious trees at night, and glowing night landscape along the canal at New Hope, PA.

06 Oct
Looks like alone: single bed in Dad’s room @SteveGiovinco

  When my dad was away at the hospital, I slept in his bed, which was a bit strange for many reasons.  I took a few photographs.    

10 May
Frieze New York Art Fair: Where’s the Photography?

Fine Art Photography and the Lack of it at Frieze New York The serpentine tents of Frieze New York arrived again–now the premiere art fair in all the land–yet there seemed to be less photography than usual. Is this a trend? A foreboding one, a harbinger of things to come, or just part of the

12 Apr
AIPAD 2014 Highlights and Picks, Fine Art Photography Show NYC

Some Picks and Highlights from AIPAD 2014, Fine Art Photography Show in New York As The Association of International Photography Art Dealers makes its annual stop in New York, I noticed a few trends while strolling with my friend and artist Jim Bergesen. One seems to be more abstract work or photographs that bend the

18 Dec
Let There Be Light: Presenting Dark Landscape Photographs at Secret City, Dixon Place by Steve Giovinco

Excited to present my landscape photographs again at the Secret City, Dixon Place I’m so glad to be asked to present some of my fine art landscape photographs at the Secret City this Sunday, for the themed show, “Light.” As my third or fourth time showing my work there, The Secret City is still somewhat hard to

22 Nov
Contemporary fine art narrative photography slideshow of my Dad, Steve Giovinco

I made these photographs not too long ago when my parents were living in their condo in Connecticut but they have since moved to an assisted living place nearby. Most were made at night when they were asleep. The photos of my father were done as he rested in the afternoon.

03 Mar
Fine art photography by Steve Giovinco from Rome, landscape photo

Roman Landscape Fine Art Photograph This landscape photograph was taken in Rome, Italy on a rainy afternoon on the via Antica.  This is an orange tree, just growing in a field behind a fence taken while on the way to the Catacombs in March a few years ago, around Easter.