On the Edge of Somewhere

40×50″, 20×24″ ink-jet prints, edition of 5.

“On the Edge of Somewhere,” focuses on unguarded moments showing a couple eating, resting, talking, feeling bored, listless, being sexual, et cetera—living—to capture intimate psychological and emotional feelings between two people. Documenting how people live their lives, the photographs trace the poetry and lyricism of daily life.

These images are taken as if there was no camera–or photographer–in the room. As a result, we experience a couple’s life unfold, see their unguarded moments, and watch them just exist. Based on the things my wife and I are doing, the work is autobiographical. I place the camera on a tripod, use available light and wait to create the picture. Feeling that the time is right, I work spontaneously and intuitively without really knowing what is in the frame–later, I see what I photographed. My wife doesn’t know when I’m taking the picture and she is never posed.

The digital camera has been crucial to this process. When photographing myself and my wife, I turn the camera’s viewing screen around so I can frame the scene. Often several variations are taken quickly in succession to capture the particular moment. I review the image briefly and go on to the next, usually adjusting myself or the camera. The shift from film to digital is subtle but fundamental, and seems to have more in common with video or filmmaking. But more importantly, this process helps me document relationships in a more intimate way.
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