Mythic Sky, West: Wyoming Landscape, from Brush Creek Artist Residency

08 Mar
Mythic Sky, West: Wyoming Landscape, from Brush Creek Artist Residency

One afternoon, the light was amazing. While at the Brush Creek Foundation artist residency in Wyoming, the light, particularly as the sun set, was unlike anything I’ve seen before: it had a searing quality that illuminated everything, but also created a sense of mystery.  Late this one day, while walking up from Artist’s Camp, as

30 May
20 Effective Grant Writing Tips For Artists/Fine Art Photographers

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29 May
Moon at Night, Mood is Dark: Nightlandscape Photograph

While wandering off the straight-as-an-arrow dirt road in the Prairies, a clump of trees appeared, and through one showed the moon in the near complete darkness.  The only other sounds besides my footsteps in the tall grass were crickets. From the fine art photography series, “Between.”

28 Apr
Flowers Fading in Morning Light: Father Project, New Photograph

Flowers Fading in Morning Light: Father Project, New Photograph Taken in the kitchen, where there is a beautiful morning light, the flowers faded gradually, partially alive. This is from a new yet to be titled photographic project chronicling my father.

12 Nov
Christies Contemporary Art Evening and Day Auction: Things That I Like

The day and evening sale at Christies has some good work, but there seems to be little in the way of photography, surprisingly. Here are a few that I like:                

10 Nov
Something is Wrong with This Picture: Theater Informing Photography at Recent Chelsea Gallery Openings

Recent Chelsea Photography Exhibitions: Theater, Staging, Production Orit Raff at Julie Saul Gallery As I am in photo printing mode–color correcting a new portfolio of work–I’m apt to look closely at photographic prints (“pixel peeping”) to see others at their craft. But when at Julie Saul Gallery, seeing Orit Raff’s show, on closer inspection, I

22 Oct
As halloween approaches: Skeleton/Skull Photographs from the Palermo catacombs @SteveGiovinco

29 Jul
What does a skeleton in a suit look like? Contemporary fine art photography in Sicily, photos by Steve Giovinco

  One of the strangest and most oddly compelling place I visited was the Sicilian catacombs of Palermo, where mummified ninteenth century skeletons are dressed. They wore suits–deteriorated–and were carefully organized by business or industry, ]including nicely attired bankers to farmers, and even a few children, which were heart-breaking. If you ever are in Palermo, visit