8 Reasons to Take a Customized Fine Art Photography Tutorial Class

14 Dec
8 Reasons to Take a Customized Fine Art Photography Tutorial Class

1. Teaching Approach The teaching approach is to work together in a patient, engaging way; be supportive; and to learn by doing, usually by criticizing work or through learning Photoshop side-by-side. 2. Work with Interested Photographers Passionate photographers at any level, from beginners, students to advanced professionals, are welcome. 3. Crafting Goals After working together

30 Apr
Waiting in Ambiguity: Casandra in Afternoon Light (Photo Commission)

Waiting in Ambiguity: Casandra in Afternoon Light Photo Commission, Steve Giovinco Cassandra stood in the kitchen, with afternoon light.   See related article: Find Your Way Creatively: Let the Work Lead You Through, A Guide for Artists and Photographers

08 Mar
Photographs from a Recent Commission, for the site Monegraph

A Recent Commission of Photographs for the Site Monegraph Monegraph, co-founded by Kevin McCoy, reached out to me a while back,  and commissioned a group of photographs for their site. Here are some of them. They have a curious approach: Monegraph is a mix between an online agent and an editioned photo print portfolio.  Here, unlike other sites selling

26 Jul
All the Photographs at the New Whitney Museum: “America Is Hard to See” Show

All Photographs (by Artists Known as Photographers) in the Whitney Museum’s Inaugural Show, “America Is Hard to See” Well, Almost All. Starting from the top, the eighth floor, here are all the photographs in the new Whitney Museum’s first exhibition, “America Is Hard to See.” Nearly all, as it turns out–it seems I missed a

29 May
Moon at Night, Mood is Dark: Nightlandscape Photograph

While wandering off the straight-as-an-arrow dirt road in the Prairies, a clump of trees appeared, and through one showed the moon in the near complete darkness.  The only other sounds besides my footsteps in the tall grass were crickets. From the fine art photography series, “Between.”

15 May
Frieze New York 2015 Photography: Few Classics, Mostly New Artists

Photography Abounds at Frieze New York As the 2015 edition of Frieze New York makes it way back to Randell’s Island once again, a range of photographs can found.   But there seem to be less of the “usual suspects,” and more of a mix of European and Asian work. Below are a few notable

08 May
Snapchat for Fine Art Photography: Disappearance As The Act of Seeing

Is There a “Snapchat Aesthetic”? Similar to the “snapshot” aesthetic that developed out the 60s, and influenced artists such as Garry Winogrand and Diane Arbus and many others, it’s important to review popular culture’s usage of current image making tools. In the sixties and seventies, easy to use cameras brought photography to the masses; today,

22 Apr
Mysterious Night Landscape Photography: A Car Appears Over Mountain, Newfoundland @SteveGiovinco

Mysterious Night Landscape Photography: A Car Appears Over Mountain, Newfoundland @SteveGiovinco   Taken just after twilight ended, a lone car appeared just as I began making this photograph.   was a slightly long exposure, which captured the car’s headlight as it curved around the road, heading into the valley. From the photographic series, “Between.”

01 Aug
Commission A Photograph; See the World Differently, with Beauty

Fine Art Photography Commission You see the world as it is, for the most part (we all do). What what if there was a different way of seeing it? Wouldn’t it be great to then share that new view? A photographic print is a rarely beautiful object. Commission a photograph, see the world differently, with