“West: Lost World:” Finalist for Marion International Fellowship for Visual Arts

09 May
“West: Lost World:” Finalist for Marion International Fellowship for Visual Arts

“West: Lost World,” is a collaborative interdisciplinary project using photography, music, fiction writing, presentations, and apps to document the changing landscape of the West due to energy development. Description and Purpose of Proposed Activity For Marion Fellowship The West’s spectacular energy boom has finally gone bust. And with fuel prices declining, the dream seekers are departing,

30 Mar
Forest, 2am: Until the End of the World

I was making long exposure photographs during a fellowship in Wyoming in the forest. It was completely dark at 2am; I could see nothing in front of me. So, I put the camera and tripod on the path, and came back an hour later. I am usually petrified of the dark, but felt drawn to working

04 Jan
Haunting is the Night: Photographing the Landscape in Wyoming

I was drawn to this tree at the edge of Artist’s Camp at Brush Creek Ranch Foundation during a recent residency. It was haunting; this long exposure of about 30 minutes was lit by a camp fire we made about twenty feet away.

02 Aug
468 Nightlandscape Photographs in Wyoming, in About 47 Seconds [Slideshow]

All 468 Night Landscape Photographs I Made While in Wyoming A Slidewhow of Images Shown in 47.3 Seconds While at the artist residency at Ucross, I made  468 photographs at night. Here they are. They go by, animated in this slideshow at .2 seconds per image, for a total of about 47 seconds–certainly less than