Fog at Twilight; Horizon Blending Sky and Water (Nightlandscape in Newfoundland)

26 Jun
Fog at Twilight; Horizon Blending Sky and Water (Nightlandscape in Newfoundland)

Rocks and Fog at Twilight: Nightlandscape in Newfoundland The summer nights in Newfoundland are stunning, particularly when the fog rolls in at twilight. It took some time to editor, color correct and retouch this image to match the evocative feeling that I had standing on the edge of the water.

29 May
Moon at Night, Mood is Dark: Nightlandscape Photograph

While wandering off the straight-as-an-arrow dirt road in the Prairies, a clump of trees appeared, and through one showed the moon in the near complete darkness.  The only other sounds besides my footsteps in the tall grass were crickets. From the fine art photography series, “Between.”

11 Apr
Nightlandscape: Mysterious Forest at Night, @SteveGiovinco

While ending a walk through the forest, I struggled to find my way out. But I had to pause for a moment to make a photograph, this one of some trees just after the sun set, post-twilight. It was so silent, quiet and mysterious for that moment. This image is part of the series, “Between.”

26 Jan
Contemporary fine art photography: “Between,” Beijing, Winter. Steve Giovinco

Fine art photograph made in Beijing, China, during a very, very cold evening at twilight as the sun just set in a park.  Taken with a tripod, with an exposure of probably several seconds (Steve Giovinco).