Artist-in-Residence, Rhapsodic Night Landscape Photographs and Exhibition in France

25 Oct
Artist-in-Residence, Rhapsodic Night Landscape Photographs and Exhibition in France

I was honored to be an artist-in-residence in France and exhibit the photographs in a one person show I made there. As an artist-in-residence, I continued my nightlandscape photographs in a Nineteenth Century villa in France. At the Château de l’Esparrou in Canet-en-Roussillon, I worked for a month photographing at night funded by the French government,

25 Sep
I Photographed at a 19th Century French Chateau at Night. This is What it Looks Like

As an Artist-in-Residence, I photographed around this Nineteenth Chateau in Canet, France. Mostly, I would work from around twilight or nightfall to about four in the morning. During the full moon, the light cascading through the forest or through the chateau was eerie and compelling. The exposures lasted about forty minutes each. While waiting, I would

06 Jun
Drifting Towards Summertime: Dru in the Rio Grande [Image]

When I first saw the Rio Grande, I thought, “Is this it?” For such a symbolic and literal barrier, you can easily wade across it since it’s only waist-deep and narrow as a large stream in Big Bend National Park in Texas. But along the path are hot springs that are right adjacent to the

09 May
“West: Lost World:” Finalist for Marion International Fellowship for Visual Arts

“West: Lost World,” is a collaborative interdisciplinary project using photography, music, fiction writing, presentations, and apps to document the changing landscape of the West due to energy development. Description and Purpose of Proposed Activity For Marion Fellowship The West’s spectacular energy boom has finally gone bust. And with fuel prices declining, the dream seekers are departing,

02 Feb
While Walking in Igaliku, Greenland at Night, This is What I Saw [Photo]

Mysterious Green Night in Igaliku, Greenland, Fine Art Photo While walking at night in early September, the snow capped mountain across the fjord during the green-tinted Northern Lights was eerie, entrancing.

21 Nov
Viewing Greenland: Abandoned US Army Base, Narsarsuaq, Fine Art Photography [Video]

While in Narsarsuaq, Greenland, for a fine art photography project focused on receding glaciers, I came across the abandoned US Army base nearby, where airplane parts, old shacks, and rails lay rusting. I was in Greenland for month, which was  funded by a grant from the American-Scandinavian Foundation. See more at:

08 Nov
Capturing Changing Environment, Haunting Beauty of Melting Glaciers in Greenland

What is it like to sleep next to a glacier at night in remote Greenland? Terrifying, stunning and exhilarating, during my month journey spent in Southern Greenland–much of the time next to a glacier and the thousand mile ice sheet–documenting the dramatic shifting environment. See: Photographing the Haunting Beauty of Melting Glaciers in Greenland The aim

20 Sep
Why I Slept Next to a Glacier: A Fine Art Photography Project in Greenland

Capturing the Environment, Glaciers and Norse History at Night Grant Support From American-Scandinavian Foundation and The Lois Roth Endowment See also, “Photographing the Haunting Beauty of Melting Glaciers in Greenland.” Sleeping next to a glacier in Greenland at night was terrifying, stunning and exhilarating. The sounds at night were compelling. They ranged from thundering ice breaks; strange baaing