Night on the Edge: Landscape Photography

25 Oct
Artist-in-Residence, Rhapsodic Night Landscape Photographs and Exhibition in France

I was honored to be an artist-in-residence in France and exhibit the photographs in a one person show I made there. As an artist-in-residence, I continued my nightlandscape photographs in a Nineteenth Century villa in France. At the Château de l’Esparrou in Canet-en-Roussillon, I worked for a month photographing at night funded by the French government,

25 Sep
J’ai photographié au Château français de la nuit du 19ème siècle. C’est comme ça que ça ressemble

En tant que Artist-in-Residence de New York, j’ai photographié autour de ce dix-neuvième château à Canet, en France. [Google Translate; see original English version] Principalement, je travaillerais à partir du crépuscule ou de la tombée de la nuit vers quatre heures du matin. Pendant la pleine lune, la lumière qui traverse la forêt ou à

19 Aug
Greenland Glacier Lay Broken in Valley, in Atlanta Celebrates Photography Festival Exhibition

Broken Glacier in Greenland: Atlanta Celebrates Photography Festival Exhibition HATHAWAY 887 Howell Mill Rd NW #4 Atlanta, GA 30318 September 23 through November 4, 2017 Atlanta Celebrates Photography Festival includes recent long-exposure night work from Greenland and Wyoming in Landscapes and Interventions. Mary Stanley Studio and Hathaway Contemporary in conjunction with the 2017 Atlanta

19 Jun
Fine Art Photography Project Traces Links to Climate Change in the South of France

Funded by the French Ministry of culture, I will photograph environmental changes near the Pyrenees in the South of France. Night photographs focused on climate change near the Pyrenees, but is linked to warming in Greenland and Rockaway, Queens, New York; funding is from the French Ministry of culture. Fine Art Photography Project Traces Links

06 Jun
Drifting Towards Summertime: Dru in the Rio Grande [Image]

When I first saw the Rio Grande, I thought, “Is this it?” For such a symbolic and literal barrier, you can easily wade across it since it’s only waist-deep and narrow as a large stream in Big Bend National Park in Texas. But along the path are hot springs that are right adjacent to the

09 May
“West: Lost World:” Finalist for Marion International Fellowship for Visual Arts

“West: Lost World,” is a collaborative interdisciplinary project using photography, music, fiction writing, presentations, and apps to document the changing landscape of the West due to energy development. Description and Purpose of Proposed Activity For Marion Fellowship The West’s spectacular energy boom has finally gone bust. And with fuel prices declining, the dream seekers are departing,

30 Mar
Forest, 2am: Until the End of the World

I was making long exposure photographs during a fellowship in Wyoming in the forest. It was completely dark at 2am; I could see nothing in front of me. So, I put the camera and tripod on the path, and came back an hour later. I am usually petrified of the dark, but felt drawn to working

22 Feb
11 Tips on How to Apply for an Artist Residency for Photographers, Artists [Presentation]

Here Are 11 Tips to Use When Applying for an Artist Residency For Fine Art Photographers, Artists, Writers, Filmmakers How to Apply for an Artist Residency for Photographers, Artists: 11 Tips, by Steve Giovinco from Steve Giovinco