What a Two Hour Photographic Exposure at Night In Wyoming Looks Like (Haunting Beauty)

19 Oct
What a Two Hour Photographic Exposure at Night In Wyoming Looks Like (Haunting Beauty)

I would head up Brush Creek Ranch Road several times at night over the last two weeks, and would come across a subtle faint light coming from the north west; it was Saratoga, Wyoming twenty miles away. This time, I made a nearly two hour exposure. The clouds showed up hauntingly as just washes of

21 May
Follow the Mountain, and Inspirational Tips for Artists/Fine Art Photographers, From Writer Neil Gaiman

Feeling Lost? Head Toward the Mountain Neil Gaiman – Inspirational Commencement Speech at the University of the Arts 2012 Perhaps oddly, I came across inspiration in a room at 48 Wall Street at around 7:30pm on a Tuesday night. In a bombast-free discussion, happily, (by Mitchell Reichgut, CEO of JUN Group, a great person) pointed

15 Jun
Thanks for Coming to Rockaway Artists Alliance Talk at MoMA PS1 VW Dome 2

Fine Art Photography Talk at MoMA PS1 VW Dome 2 for Rockaway Artists Alliance Thanks to everyone who braced the rain and attended my artist/photography talk at the MoMA PS1 Rockaway VW Dome 2 sponsored by the Rockaway Artists Alliance.  Driving over the Crossbay bridge through the fog and storm was a magical reminder of what “Rock,” as its know to

26 Sep
Two Fine Art Photography Lectures

There are two fine art photography lectures at roughly the same time occurring on Wednesday, September 26, 2012 in Chelsea. The first is at SVA, and is part of their excellent series on contemporary photography they’ve been conducting in the Fall.  This time, its a panel Discussion with Christian Patterson, Luc Sante, Michael Mack  called, “Photography, Narrative