Until the End of the World

40×50″, ed. of 6; 1 AP ink-jet prints.

“Until the End of the World,” are photographs at the edge of inhabited places where traces of artificial light reveal evidence of people or towns as spectres in the distance. I seek to capture what it feels like to lose myself in the natural darkness of these remote landscapes.

Working at night requires exposures ranging from several minutes to an hour or more, making it impossible to see through the camera’s viewfinder. Instead I stand beside it “feeling” the image and intuitively framing it in the dark.

Inspired by cinema, such as the films of Michelangelo Antonioni, I experienced a haunting evocation of human alienation through images and sounds juxtaposing the man-made and natural world, as well as Hudson River Landscape and Nineteenth century painters, such as Frederic Edwin Church, where sweeping landscapes and atmospheric light illustrate elevated and complex emotions.

By allowing my own thoughts and fears to be part of the creative photographic process, I am making a visual representation of an unfolding emotional experience. I try to capture
with light, shadow and color the indescribable quality of mystery that is both inside and outside of me.