Walker Evans’ “American Photographs”: The Seminal Book of Photography

12 Jan
Walker Evans’ “American Photographs”: The Seminal Book of Photography

Perhaps one of the most perfect books of photography, “American Photographs,” by Walker Evans Walker Evans “American Photographs” by Yelena on Scribd Thanks to upload by by Yelena. As Yelena says, it’s not a full book; there are also inserted variants of some photos. Copyright: Attribution Non-Commercial (BY-NC) Download as PDF, TXT or read online

20 Apr
Until the End of the World: Wyoming Night

It Seems Like the End is Near: Night Photography in Wyoming The town of Buffalo is about twenty miles away, but it oddly glowed in the foggy night. Strange. Later it rained, and nearby on the main road, a truck stopped in the middle of the road with no driver; moments later it was gone.

15 May
Frieze New York 2015 Photography: Few Classics, Mostly New Artists

Photography Abounds at Frieze New York As the 2015 edition of Frieze New York makes it way back to Randell’s Island once again, a range of photographs can found.   But there seem to be less of the “usual suspects,” and more of a mix of European and Asian work. Below are a few notable

11 May
Start with the Eye not a Camera: How to Learn Fine Art Photography

Learning Fine Art Photography Being an artist/photographer starts not necessarily with a camera but by quietly observing all. Translating this creative vision to a photographic print will come later. Have a Voracious Eye Look at everything; have a voracious eye. Be open to all, and study (without leering), for example, how the man across from

22 Jul
Summertime Book: Memories of Summer, Photos by Martin Parr, Joel Meyerowitz, Steve Giovinco, 43 Others

Summertime Book Fine art photography book with photos by Martin Parr, Joel Meyerowitz, Steve Giovinco and 43 others, edited by Joanne Dugan with quotes by writers, with a focus on water Coming over the ridge, excited, through the soft grass barefoot, rising, seeing the the expanse of the sea finally, then running to tip a toe