Christmas in Graceland: Fine Art Photography, Steve Giovinco

18 Dec
Let There Be Light: Presenting Dark Landscape Photographs at Secret City, Dixon Place by Steve Giovinco

Excited to present my landscape photographs again at the Secret City, Dixon Place I’m so glad to be asked to present some of my fine art landscape photographs at the Secret City this Sunday, for the themed show, “Light.” As my third or fourth time showing my work there, The Secret City is still somewhat hard to

10 Dec
Is the Fine Art Photography Gallery System Cracking?

Are selling photographs online a paradigm shift, leaving photography galleries venerable? Much has been made of the recent attempt by Amazon to offer fine art online, which was greeted (correctly) with derision by the gallery world. But there was a giant sigh of relief, too. The online behemoth didn’t get it right—not yet, that is.

01 Dec
ABMB Miami Art Fair Guide 2013: Photography, Contemporary Art

Photo Credit: Elido Turco – Gigi via Compfight cc Here’s a guide to the Miami art fairs, collections and museums for 2013, arranged in order of interest.  There are many other fairs happening but here are the highlights. Art Basel | Miami Beach The behemoth of them all, and probably the largest, most important contemporary art fair in