Fine Art Photography Project Traces Links to Climate Change in the South of France

19 Jun
Fine Art Photography Project Traces Links to Climate Change in the South of France

Funded by the French Ministry of culture, I will photograph environmental changes near the Pyrenees in the South of France. Night photographs focused on climate change near the Pyrenees, but is linked to warming in Greenland and Rockaway, Queens, New York; funding is from the French Ministry of culture. Fine Art Photography Project Traces Links

10 May
Frieze New York Art Fair: Where’s the Photography?

Fine Art Photography and the Lack of it at Frieze New York The serpentine tents of Frieze New York arrived again–now the premiere art fair in all the land–yet there seemed to be less photography than usual. Is this a trend? A foreboding one, a harbinger of things to come, or just part of the

30 Apr
Frieze New York Art Fair Descends on the Other New York Island

The massive behemoth known as Frieze New York descends on the other, lesser (unknown?) island (Randalls) as host this time to 190 international contemporary art galleries. Is it fitting that the Island’s history is of asylums, hospitals and cemeteries (and is currently home to two psychiatric hospitals, a statepolice station, a fire academy, a water treatment plant, and

27 Mar
AIPAD Fine Art Photography Show 2014, New York

AIPAD In New York, 2014 It must be Spring in New York but you can’t necessarily tell from the weather. Photographers and fine art photography collectors know, however, because AIPAD is coming to the East Side once again. The work represented is about equally split between vintage, modernist and contemporary photographs. AIPAD at the Park

13 Mar
Artfair Fatigue 2.0? @SteveGiovinco

Artfairs in New York: ADAA, The Armory Show, Volta, and the Deathstar I shared a shuttle bus ride from Volta to the venerable Armory Show Sunday with a dealer/artist, where driving past the changing landscape (read: gleaming new nightmarish deathstar apartment blocks) of SoHo, the West Village and Chelsea, we both bemoaned the changes in

10 Dec
Is the Fine Art Photography Gallery System Cracking?

Are selling photographs online a paradigm shift, leaving photography galleries venerable? Much has been made of the recent attempt by Amazon to offer fine art online, which was greeted (correctly) with derision by the gallery world. But there was a giant sigh of relief, too. The online behemoth didn’t get it right—not yet, that is.

13 Oct
Some Art Events: Frieze Art Fair, London; The Margulies Collection at the Warehouse

Briefly, two noteworthy events, on two separate Continents. The Frieze Art Fair, London, has opened.  I attended this fair, one of the more civilized and interesting, about five years ago when my photographs were being exhibited at Sadler’s Wells.  Recently, you might recall, that an incantation of London’s Frieze was transported to New York this summer. Another noteworthy