AIPAD New York 2015 Photography Highlights

19 Apr
AIPAD New York 2015 Photography Highlights

The art fair that improves each year, and is reasonable to navigate, AIPAD New York, mixes contemporary fine art photography with vintage work (although it’s getting more and more contemporary-based). Here are a few highlights that I came across, although there are many more.  Don’t forget to look in the “bins” where other older Modern

10 Nov
Something is Wrong with This Picture: Theater Informing Photography at Recent Chelsea Gallery Openings

Recent Chelsea Photography Exhibitions: Theater, Staging, Production Orit Raff at Julie Saul Gallery As I am in photo printing mode–color correcting a new portfolio of work–I’m apt to look closely at photographic prints (“pixel peeping”) to see others at their craft. But when at Julie Saul Gallery, seeing Orit Raff’s show, on closer inspection, I

28 Apr
2014 Guggenheim Photography Fellows

The Guggenheim Foundation has announced its list of 11 Guggenheim Photography Fellows for 2014.   The list this time around seems particularly fitting and abundant (the last few years have averaged about half the number of awards). This year’s Photography winners are: Photography Robert Dawson LaToya Frazier Jason Fulford Phyllis Galembo Gregory Halpern Brenda Kenneally

12 Apr
AIPAD 2014 Highlights and Picks, Fine Art Photography Show NYC

Some Picks and Highlights from AIPAD 2014, Fine Art Photography Show in New York As The Association of International Photography Art Dealers makes its annual stop in New York, I noticed a few trends while strolling with my friend and artist Jim Bergesen. One seems to be more abstract work or photographs that bend the

27 Mar
AIPAD Fine Art Photography Show 2014, New York

AIPAD In New York, 2014 It must be Spring in New York but you can’t necessarily tell from the weather. Photographers and fine art photography collectors know, however, because AIPAD is coming to the East Side once again. The work represented is about equally split between vintage, modernist and contemporary photographs. AIPAD at the Park

24 Oct
Simen Johan: Until the Kingdom Comes at Yossi Milo Gallery

Natural Wonderment of the Unnatural Kind Fine art photographer Simen Johan’s show, “Until the Kingdom Comes,” fills the Yossi Milo Gallery in Chelsea with a mythical world of beasts that seem almost possible.  Or are they impossible creations? Johan, based in New York but born in Norway and lived in Sweden, mostly constructs the images

04 Apr
AIPAD Photography Show 2013 New York Highlights

A Fresher AIPAD for 2013? The AIPAD Photography Show New York launches again with 75 fine art photography galleries from around the world.  There is the usual mix of contemporary and vintage fine art dealers and galleries lining the aisles of the East Side Armory, which sometimes makes for interesting juxtapositions: a vintage Atget could be displayed a

18 Oct
Arm Chair Photographer: Doug Rickard at Yossi Milo Gallery

Arm Chair Photographer: Doug Rickard Chelsea’s art openings started  with Doug Rickard’s photographs at Yossi Milo Gallery.  Although I’ve seen several of Rickard’s images at MoMA last year, these photographs resonated for me now and I enjoyed them. They depict squalid corners of major American cities: Detroit, Buffalo, Baltimore, as well as a few minor towns,

06 Sep
Contemporary Fine Art Photography: Chelsea Art Gallery Openings Fall 2012

Contemporary fine art photography was well represented in the Fall Chelsea gallery openings.  It seems that there was more photography on hand in New York this time around than in recent memory. It started with Lombard Freid Projects with “The Breakup” by Michael Rakowitz, which is oddly a ten-part radio series originally commissioned by Al

06 Mar
The Armory Show: Some Things I Like

The South African dealer Michael Stevenson had some of my favorite photographs: they were by Vivian Sassen and were direct and slightly disturbing. Yossi Millo had an interesting selection, including Japanese photographer Yuki Onodera and Pieter Hugo. Other notable photographs were at Jane Corkin, who filled the gallery with Thaddeus Holownia’s series from Walden Pond